EC 2019 klein


TO:                       All Masters, Black Belts and gupgrades.

FROM:                 Grandmaster B. Beaudoin

DATE:                   March 3rd, 2019

RE:                        Invitation to events 2019, The Netherlands


               I would like to invite you for a weekend of events in the Netherlands. We start the weekend on  Friday the 25th we would like to invite you to participate as instructors at the 9th European Black Belt and gup Clinic. I would encourage you to also to attend as a judge for the European Championship to be held on October 26st and to stay for the big finally with the afterparty.

The program for the clinics are be found encloses and I encourage you to read all enclosures CAREFULLY and to fill out the application form on the NTSDA site completely and especially your arrival and departure times if you are flying to Schiphol or The Haghe-Rotterdam airports. Call Headquarters for clarification if you do not understand the contents. It is imperative that you return the application with the appropriate fee by the deadline.  There will be no exceptions as the final hotel bookings will be made on that day.

               The hotel is located at Schiedam and will be our place of residence.  The following is the address and the phone number of the hotel.




Tel : +31 (0) 10 471 33 22


               Application deadline for the events 2019 is July 1st, 2019.  Transportation arrangements should be made by you as soon as possible. 

               Everyone who has attended in the past understands the basic operation of these events.  We have a large number of participants and cannot guide each individual participant.  Please read the agenda and prepare for attendance NOW.

The main contact for events 2019 is host:

   Master Lennard Heskes 5th dan, 31 652 05 30 87, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



I hope to see you all at the events 2019!

               Tang Soo!!



The form to register for the Black Belt Clinic and European Championship 2019 for Masters and candidates you can find here.

The form to register for the Gup and Black Belt Clinic and European Championship 2019 for other participants you can find here.