Practitioners of the martial art Tang Soo Do are one big family. A family who wants to learn in self-defense, sparring, forms, breaking, health science and meditation. A martial art that stands for great values. Whereby it unlike any martial art is not about beating your opponent, but to fight with yourself. A martial art that you can learn only by an appropriate combination of total commitment, regular and constant exercise, obedience and respect for the instructor and fellow students, in short, a serious approach.

The NTSDA supports its dojangs where students are working with great enthusiasm to provide the best fight that exists, the battle with themself. Occasionally the family measure the progress of its performance by participating in tournaments. It is not about winning, but to show each other what they have learned in recent months.

We would especially like to offer our young members the opportunity to participate in national and international events. We would also like to invest in training materials. If you carry a warm heart, you can join the NTSDA. You can do this by sending an email to the Secretary, with your name, address, zip code, city, phone number and e-mail address. Then we will follow up to discuss how our friendship will start.